The characters, names, logos and icons for iSnuggle are copyright teatime media, Jessica Abroms and Niels Alpert. All text and design are copyright ©2010 teatime media, LLC. All rights reserved.

iSnuggle is an iPhone app that lets you create and send super snuggly cute picture and text messages via email, MMS, Facebook or Twitter.
iSnuggle comes with 32 lovable, huggable, original characters, 24 backgrounds, selectable fonts, font colors and a plethora of unique pre-set “snuggly messages” to share with your friends and loved ones. iSnuggle also features awesomely fun original character sounds and background music to accompany your cuddly experience. 

And don’t forget, the more iSnuggle messages you send, the more characters you unlock to build a vast network of new friends in beautiful Snuggleworld!
Message Mode
Is all about spreading snuggly love with super cute messages that are guaranteed to elicit a warm fuzzy “Awww!” from the recipient.
use your iPhone camera or photo library. Then choose from one of our specially formulated Super Snuggly messages or write a custom message of your own. From there you can choose font style and color before you hit “Share” and select your method of delivery.
Here’s how it works:
First choose your iSnuggle character, then choose a background or you
Browse trading card style galleries of all your favorite iSnuggle characters, read their bios, hear them make their silly sounds and get to know them in all their snuggly glory!
Sound Player
Is home of the iSnuggle Soundboard: a scrollable menu of all the iSnuggle characters that you can “play” to hear them squeak, chirp, bark, ribbet, roar or who knows what kooky sound you might hear coming from them.
The images and sound design in iSnuggle have been sourced and curated from a superb group of international artists. In our initial release, the character and background designs showcase the work of four different, highly talented designers, all of whom have been tasked with creating the most kawaii, super cute images possible.
The music and sound design for iSnuggle was created by Andrew McGee, an enormously creative composer and songwriter who was a founding member of the 90’s LA based band, God Lives Underwater. He also previously collaborated with iSnuggle co-creator, Niels Alpert, on the soundtrack for his award-winning short film, “Hardcore Action News”.
App Co-Creators
Jessica Abroms has worked as a technical director on six Oscar winning films for Pixar Animation Studios and as the lead usability designer on the Guitar Hero series for Activision. She founded teatime media in 2009 and created the commercially successful MASH iPhone app.

Niels Alpert is a filmmaker and photographer who has worked on a wide variety of film and TV productions including HBO’s The Wire and USA’s White Collar.

Both Jessica and Niels bring a diverse skill set and creative drive to this app which they worked on from their separate desktops in Los Angeles and New York City. They hope that iSnuggle will bring warmth, joy and love to users around the world and that it will be an outlet for creative artists in the super cute and kawaii artforms for years to come!
iSnuggle has three adorable modes:
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